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On 29.03.2017 15:06, Martin Stein wrote:
>> And if it is possible, can you please suggest me a starting point for
>> Genode/seL4 on i.MX6? I'm currently going through files in
>> repos/base-sel4 directory and trying to make sense out of it. I'm still
>> quite new to ARM platforms, as well as Genode and seL4 kernel, so I
>> would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas of where to begin.
> Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with base-sel4. Maybe someone else
> can answer this?

Look for any x86 specific configuration/files in base-sel4 and come up
with imx6 specific ones, I would guess. E.g. if you search for x86* you
find in


several files which setup the sel4 kernel for x86 (build the sel4
kernel, sel4 kernel bindings etc.). This must be (probably) also added to


(somehow similar as base-hw does).

For example in repos/base-sel4/lib/mk/spec/x86_32/ the
seL4 kernel is build for x86_32. Here you have to come up with a in the imx6 folder which builds the sel4 kernel for
imx6/Sabre lite. How this is exactly is done, you have to check the
documentation of seL4.



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