GSoC 2017 Consideration - Qemu

Aaron aaron at ...488...
Wed Mar 29 23:43:56 CEST 2017


My name is Aaron. I am writing this letter because I would like to enter 
my name consideration in your [possible specificity] project. I did not 
participate in the pre-application phase, which I know places me at a 
disadvantage, and as a result I am sending this email to probe your 

Your organization's participation in the Summer of Code is somewhat 
serendipitous for me. I had previously been communicating with the Qemu 
organization about the possibility of porting their software to 
additional platforms, but they were not receptive (possibly even 
planning to remove platform support). Porting qemu, is exactly what I've 
been wanting to do. I've also read through some of your mailing lists 
and I don't believe that anyone else is taking this task on.

With all of that said: are you willing to accept new candidates, or are 
you only selecting from those that have already communicated?

Thank you for any thoughts you might have,

Aaron Hudson


I made the mistake of emailing the main gsoc at ...489..., which has 
only exacerbated the issue. The message above was the original message 
sent to that mailing list.

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