GSoc-2017: Platforms - Microkernelizing Linux, help needed

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Sat Mar 18 08:30:22 CET 2017

Hi Christian Helmuth,

Sorry for my late reply. I've been quite busy these days.
Thanks for telling me this task, I think it would be of great help as
an initial step.
And yes, I would like to try this hack. I would first try to read the
code and the RTC spec.
And I would appreciate it if you could provide me with your precious guidance.


Zhongze Liu

2017-03-02 17:11 GMT+08:00 Christian Helmuth
<christian.helmuth at ...1...>:
> Hello Zhongze Liu,
> On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 11:58:41PM +0800, Sky Liu wrote:
>> BTW, do you have any suggestions on small related tasks that I can take in
>> prior to my formal application for the GSoC project? I think committing
>> small patches would be a great starting point to getting familiar with the
>> Genode codebase.
> While reading your question I recalled the missing feature in our x86
> RTC driver, which is only able to read out the current time from the
> RTC. It would be really nice if the driver could also update the time
> on request.
> In detail, the feature has two aspects. First, the RTC driver has to
> be extended by the code for setting the CMOS clock according to the
> specification. Further, it needs to provide means to update the clock
> on request. The method of choice is the XML config of the component
> which could be extended by an XML node for the clock update. To
> support this feature the component code has to request and parse the
> config ROM initially but also register for updates of the
> configuration during runtime. The addition of this feature would not
> only help to get in touch with low-level driver code but also learn
> about the interaction of the RTC component with the surrounding
> system.
> If you're interested in this hacking project I'd be pleased to provide
> further guidance. The current driver can be found in the Genode
> sources at repos/os/src/drivers/rtc/spec/x86.
> Greets
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