GSoc-2017: Platforms - Microkernelizing Linux, help needed

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Thu Mar 2 10:11:56 CET 2017

Hello Zhongze Liu,

On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 11:58:41PM +0800, Sky Liu wrote:
> BTW, do you have any suggestions on small related tasks that I can take in
> prior to my formal application for the GSoC project? I think committing
> small patches would be a great starting point to getting familiar with the
> Genode codebase.

While reading your question I recalled the missing feature in our x86
RTC driver, which is only able to read out the current time from the
RTC. It would be really nice if the driver could also update the time
on request.

In detail, the feature has two aspects. First, the RTC driver has to
be extended by the code for setting the CMOS clock according to the
specification. Further, it needs to provide means to update the clock
on request. The method of choice is the XML config of the component
which could be extended by an XML node for the clock update. To
support this feature the component code has to request and parse the
config ROM initially but also register for updates of the
configuration during runtime. The addition of this feature would not
only help to get in touch with low-level driver code but also learn
about the interaction of the RTC component with the surrounding

If you're interested in this hacking project I'd be pleased to provide
further guidance. The current driver can be found in the Genode
sources at repos/os/src/drivers/rtc/spec/x86.

Christian Helmuth
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