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Thu Jun 22 20:29:23 CEST 2017

I am using all of your latest commit changes and I can get everything to
work except if the test.vbox file has Adapter 0 enabled="true".  if set to
false (obviously there is no networking) but the two VM's boot into their
respective windows, I can interact with each independently.  When I enable
the adapter in the test.vbox file, Genode still boots, the GUI starts, the
two windows appear but they remain stubbornly blank.

Here is what I tried to fix this:
I have increased the caps on the nic_bridge to 200
increased the caps on the vbox1 and vbox2 to 500
I removed the nic bridge from the config for one vbox in the
(to see if I can get video on even one)

Nothing I changed made any difference.  As long as enabled="true" was set,
neither VM loaded at all.  This is booting from physical hardware, not in a
virtualized environment.  Thoughts?

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 3:13 AM, Alexander Boettcher <
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> Hello,
> On 16.06.2017 20:20, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> > I'm working with the VirtualBox run recipe where I have set use_net 1,
> > added the repositories for dde_linux and dde_ipxe for the NIC driver.
> The
> > build runs successfully and I can boot to the 2 virtual machines (I have
> > one as TinyCore and one as DSL - Damn Small Linux) and interact with the
> > OS's but there is no network adapter detected.  To resolve this, I set
> the
> > Adapter 0 to enabled in the test.vbox file but when I do this, I no
> longer
> > get any video within the frame for the virtual machine (not even the
> > bootloader for that frame).  I have tried increasing the cap for the
> > virtualbox module in the recipe but still have nothing.  I
> > need to be able to test network communication between the two virtual
> > machines (and to the wider network on which they are attached) but this
> is
> > preventing me from this process.  Any help in this would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> please try the commit named " support network for
> multiple VMs" of [0].
> Mainly, the configuration used in test.vbox is wrong for Genode and in
> the script a Network multiplexer is missing, to run 2 VMs
> with network.
> [0]
> Hope it helps,
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