Networking Support in VirtualBox

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Fri Jun 16 20:20:20 CEST 2017

I'm working with the VirtualBox run recipe where I have set use_net 1,
added the repositories for dde_linux and dde_ipxe for the NIC driver.  The
build runs successfully and I can boot to the 2 virtual machines (I have
one as TinyCore and one as DSL - Damn Small Linux) and interact with the
OS's but there is no network adapter detected.  To resolve this, I set the
Adapter 0 to enabled in the test.vbox file but when I do this, I no longer
get any video within the frame for the virtual machine (not even the
bootloader for that frame).  I have tried increasing the cap for the
virtualbox module in the recipe but still have nothing.  I
need to be able to test network communication between the two virtual
machines (and to the wider network on which they are attached) but this is
preventing me from this process.  Any help in this would be greatly


Thank You,

Chris Rothrock
Senior System Administrator
(315) 308-1637
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