lwip and seL4

Steven Harp steven.harp at ...486...
Fri Jul 28 20:08:57 CEST 2017

Observed a problem testing lwip under seL4 (run/lwip). 
This succeeds with kernels okl4, foc, and nova, but under
seL4 there are complaints from acpi_drv (see below).
The "Error: I/O memory [1ffe1000,1ffe2000) not available"
seems most concerning.

Build architecture is x86_32, relying on drivers dde_ipxe,
testing in qemu on Xenial.  Theories / workarounds (seL4)?

// Steve

> [init -> nic_drv] --- iPXE NIC driver started ---
> [init -> nic_drv] -- init iPXE NIC
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: ROM-session creation failed (ram_quota=6144, cap_quota=3, label="platform_info")
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: Could not open ROM session for "platform_info"
> [init] child "timer" announces service "Timer"
> [init] child "acpi_report_rom" announces service "Report"
> Warning: void Genode::Rpc_cap_factory::free(Genode::Native_capability) not implemented - resources leaked: 0x10
> [init] child "acpi_report_rom" announces service "ROM"
> Error: I/O memory [1ffe1000,1ffe2000) not available
> Error: Local MMIO mapping failed!
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: IO_MEM-session creation failed (cap_quota=3, ram_quota=6K, base=0x1ffe1000, size=0x1000, wc=no)
> [init -> acpi_drv] Warning: 1 dangling allocation at allocator destruction time
> Warning: unmapping of managed dataspaces not yet supported
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: Unknown exception occured - failure
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: __cxa_guard_abort called
> Kernel: Thread 'ep' died because of an uncaught exception
> [init -> acpi_drv] Error: Uncaught exception of type 'Genode::Service_denied'
> [init -> acpi_drv] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
> [init] child "acpi_drv" exited with exit value 1
> Error: Test execution timed out
> Makefile:309: recipe for target 'run/lwip' failed

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