Restoring child with checkpointed state

David Werner wernerd at ...389...
Wed Jul 5 13:46:01 CEST 2017

Hi Stefan,

Am 29.06.2017 um 18:18 schrieb Stefan Kalkowski:
> What I meant with:
>    "... the signal handler thread transfers its identity to core via
> request_semaphore..."
> was that you add an additional argument to the request_semaphore call,
> which is the CPU session's thread capability of the calling thread, like
> this:
>    Thread::myself()->cap()
> Core can therewith retrieve the "real" thread capability, in terms of
> the kernel's thread capability, and attach that to the IRQ object.
> I hope I could get my ideas across to you.
> Best regards
> Stefan
Thank you! I modified the request semaphore call according to your 

My only problem is that i don't get how to use the transfered thread 
capability to retrieve the kernel's thread capability.
More precisely, i'm not able to figure out how to determine the correct 
kcap which i have to use in the l4_irq_attach call (which is now on 
core's side).

Could you give me some more advise on that?

Kind Regards,

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