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Wed Jul 5 12:43:29 CEST 2017

Hi Hinnerk,

On 24.06.2017 01:20, Hinnerk van Bruinehsen wrote:
> I'm using a fork of seL4's elfloader-tool that I've hacked together to
> create an image that acutally boots (at least it gets into the genode
> userland image where it is failing).
> To be clear: I need to add calls to kernel_debugger_outstring as I get
> a data fault before the logging infrastructure works (I guess due to
> exception handling not being initialized before the fail occurs).
> I'm using an am335x based board so I can't test if this works for other
> hardware, but if anyone is interested you can find my elfloader fork at
> The bootable image is then created by running the script from the
> elfloader dir
> TOOLPREFIX=arm-none-eabi- PLAT=am335x ./
> <path to genode>/build/wega_am335x/var/run/log/sel4
> <path to genode>/build/wega_am335x/var/run/log/image.elf
> /tmp/out.elf
> PLAT and TOOLPREFIX need to be changed accordingly and when building the
> prelinked elfloader binary PLAT and ARMV needs to be adjusted as well
> (take a look at the Makefile).

just wanted to say, thanks for your seL4 elfloader tool adaptations to
make it usable standalone (so - no need to dissect Camkes for it, like
getting cpio lib and mainly).

Thanks to your work I could get the tool integrated into the run tool
infrastructure of Genode in within one day. And the best, it boots and I
get the serial life sign of Genode/seL4 on ARM.

Great !

Alexander Boettcher
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