[Genode] Suggestion about mailing list subject

Martin Iturbide martiniturbide at ...9...
Mon Jan 30 13:57:33 CET 2017

Hello to all.

I was wondering if it can be useful to configure the mailing list to
include on the subject (before the text) something like [Genode] or
[Genode-Main] . I know that it is easy to set a rule and folder for the
mailing list messages on the mail client, but in some other cases I like to
identify visually and fast the messages that are from this mailing list in
a group of mails.

This is just a thought, I don't know how hard or easy will be to configure
this on the sourceforge mailing lists.


Martín Itúrbide
martin at ...476...
martiniturbide at ...9...
Quito - Ecuador
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