Loading of software modules at runtime vs. loading at boot time.

Dr. Florian Manfred Gr├Ątz florian.graetz at ...473...
Fri Jan 13 20:50:16 CET 2017

Dear Genode community,

I am gradually digging into the details of the Genode framework and was
thinking about compiling a Live-CD. My intension is to give
unexperienced users a first impression of Genode by simply downloading
an .iso image and either booting it into their real machine using a
thumb drive or using an emulater like qemu/virtualbox. Please refer to
my last post for the rationale behind it.

The good news is, that genode-world seems already to provide a set of
software packages, which have been ported. However, I am currently under
the impression, that genode currently is not capable of loading software
modules at runtime. Instead, it appears to me, that all required
software modules are linked into a large elf file, which is then loaded
during boot time. Am I missing something crudential here or is loading
of modules at runtime not yet implemented?

Regards, Florian.

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