Thinkpad X250 vs X260 ?

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Fri Jan 13 10:36:13 CET 2017

Hello Peter,

>    Even with the i7 Skylake's on chip graphics, waiting for my Dell XPS
> 15 to join this list seems like it might be a bit of a long shot.

the quickest way to find that out would be to boot the seL4 and NOVA ISO
images that we provided along with Genode 16.05 from a USB stick. You
can find the images here:

>    Thus i write asking for an update on if I should spring for a
> Thinkpad X250 or X260?      last time I queried Norman mentioned one
> should order it with Intel's (user facing) remote management engine
> enabled..    ( always enabled for use by the NSA )...

I recommended AMT solely for its serial-over-line (SOL) feature. Without
it, it is very hard to debug low-level problems. In case you don't
intend to work on such a low level (device drivers, kernel) but merely
use Genode or work on higher-level components, it is not important at
all. It is also worth noting that we (in particular Alex) are
investigating alternative ways to obtain low-level log output:

>    I am also interested in cross development of Genode to ARMv7, ARMv8..
> for ARM development, it seems like the Arndale Board
> <> is currently the
> path of least resistance?...   
>    I currently have a Zynq-7000 (dual ARM9) based SnickerDoodle
> <> on my bench that may be fairly easy for Genode to
> boot up?  

Zynq is a good choice as it is actively being used and maintained by
Johannes Schlatow. At Genode Labs, we currently focus on Freescale i.MX,
i.e., i.MX6-based devices.

>  is Genode likely to support a more modern ARMv8 implementation likely
> in the near term?

I am not aware of any current plans to support ARMv8.

Speaking from Genode Labs's perspective, we'd be open to pursue such a
development as a commissioned project but not on our own account.


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