Thinkpad X250 vs X260 ?

Peter Lindener lindener.peter at ...9...
Tue Jan 10 01:08:07 CET 2017

The list of unofficially supported Genode compatible systems
might suggest that the most expedient path towards developing / working
with Genode is likely the Thinkpad X250 or X260...

   Even with the i7 Skylake's on chip graphics, waiting for my Dell XPS 15
to join this list seems like it might be a bit of a long shot.

   Thus i write asking for an update on if I should spring for a Thinkpad
X250 or X260?      last time I queried Norman mentioned one should order it
with Intel's (user facing) remote management engine enabled..    ( always
enabled for use by the NSA )...

 Any other features / configuration suggested for Genode development?

   I am also interested in cross development of Genode to ARMv7, ARMv8..
for ARM development, it seems like the Arndale Board
<> is currently the
path of least resistance?...
   I currently have a Zynq-7000 (dual ARM9) based SnickerDoodle
<> on my bench that may be fairly easy for Genode to boot
 is Genode likely to support a more modern ARMv8 implementation likely in
the near term?

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