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Tue Jan 3 08:40:08 CET 2017

Hi Johannes,

> 3) About my goals:
>   a) There will (hopefully) be some improvements for the Zynq-7000 (HDMI support, NIC performance issues).

Nice! I have already seen a glimpse of it in your world repository. ;-)

>   b) In addition, as you might know, we are investigating model-based
> methods for auto-configuration in a far wider scope that the typical
> Genode applications. However, I'd like to extract the essential
> mechanisms to make this usable for general-purpose Genode systems.
> The benefit of this would be that new users don't need to care about
> how to setup the config, e.g., for the Turmvilla scenario. This would
> also address an issue that pops up with the ABI, namely
> (in)compatibility between different versions of component binaries.

I really look forward to see how my current line of work regarding
packaging/ABI/deployment aligns with your ideas.

> c) I also plan to make extensive use of the tracing framework.

That's interesting to hear. In my opinion, the tracing framework is a
really distinctive and under-appreciated feature of Genode. Literally
each time we used it, it provided invaluable insights into the behavior
of the system at almost no performance overhead. It's a pity that it is
so rarely used. I'm afraid that this won't change unless we greatly
improve the tooling around it. Right now, one has to manually craft a
trace monitor for each scenario under test. In many cases, this is too
much of a burden to start using it. It would be great if your work can
contribute to make the tracing more accessible for everyone.


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