Could Genode use page table ideas from Akaros, RiscV ?

Peter Lindener lindener.peter at ...9...
Sun Jan 1 02:36:55 CET 2017

   Fellow Genodians-

   I was reading through some blog notes from the latest RiscV workshop
when I came across some suggestions relating to page table managment
contributed by folks on Berkeley's Akaros project

  a ways back, I recall a discussion relating redundant structure in the
Genode OS...   and wounder if the Akaro's projects thinking might also be
of some use with Genode's support for VMs...

   While I lack the perspective needed to appreciate the pro's and con's of
this approach...and for that matter understand that Genode is more about a
recursive OS API, than the page table map that might be found underneath..
   It might be good for the Genode Team to chime in with Akaros as might
relate to MMU systems for the RiscV project..

  Anyone close to the iron care to chime in on this?

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