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Fri Aug 25 09:20:20 CEST 2017

Hello Stephan,

> i was currently trying to run the affinity_subspace testcase on Genode
> 17.05. Since i have been working with 16.08 by now, the dynamic linker
> ld.lib.so in the run script was new for me.
> I am working with Fiasco.OC and pbxa9 platform, but since that
> configuration is unsupported i tried to build the testcase with
> foc_x86_32 and linux_x86 respectively.
> In both cases i get an error 'Error: target 'ld.lib.so' does not exist'
> when i try to build the scenario, although in both '<build-dir>/bin/'
> there is a 'ld-foc.lib.so' and 'ld-linux.lib.so' present.
> How can i avoid this error?

starting with version 17.02, all executables on top of core are
dynamically linked by default [1].


Given the error message, I presume that you have mistakenly added
'ld.lib.so' to the 'build' command of your run script. The dynamic
linker is a library (.lib.so) that is automatically built as a
dependency of any of the normal targets. You need to specify it in the
'build_boot_image' step only.

For investigating such issues, I recommend taking the existing run
scripts provided with Genode (e.g., base/run/log.run) as reference.


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