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Hi Nobody,

Please don't mind my changing the subject title.

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 11:44 PM, Nobody III <hungryninja101 at ...9...>

> By the way, NOVA doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, except a bit by
> Genode developers. Is this observation correct?

My observation is that most of the innovations were achieved by 2012 in
microkernel research so stable work is what we see in Fiasco.oc and Nova.
The only problem was that these OSes could not be formally verified. Muen
answers the problem by hardcore simplicity, while I believe SEL4 has
practicality issues.

Formal verification is not interesting for developers so somehow funds went
somewhere else. Just a thought.

Rest is driver development which is not a research and showcase problem and
handed by industry rather than universities,

TUD Genode people are the pioneers and can answer better.

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