Genode, seL4 and VirtualBox

Steven Harp steven.harp at ...486...
Tue Apr 18 22:09:18 CEST 2017

On 4/18/17 2:34 PM, Alexander Boettcher wrote:
> ... 
> According to [0] and [1] the required virtualization features for x86
> got added later to seL4 master. Probably seL4 4.0 have the required
> support, if I'm not mistaken.
>> If so, how can I make this work reliably?
> Without updating Genode/seL4 to a recent seL4 kernel version - as first
> step - I think you can't. So, in principle all the limitations as
> mentioned in the 16.08 Genode release for our Genode/seL4 support still
> apply [2].
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]

The combination of Genode and seL4 *is* particularly attractive.
How large an effort does upgrading to seL4 4.x represent?

Would this be any easier with seL4 on the ARM platform? I guess this is
not yet a supported combination, but should be possible...?

  Steve Harp

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