Genode, seL4 and VirtualBox

Chris Rothrock cgrothrock at ...9...
Tue Apr 18 18:09:38 CEST 2017

I'm working with the team at Critical Technologies and I am trying to get
this combination to work - Genode with seL4 microkernel and the VirtualBox
module (using TinyCore Linux).

Let me first start off with saying that Genode, Nova and VirtualBox works
flawlessly - I can boot (an Intel-based machine) and go into either a
command line or GUI environment.  The problem is when I try using seL4.  I
can compile this without any errors.  The ISO image is made perfectly, it
boots to this image on the same hardware - but that's where it stops.  One
time only I was able to see the loading screen of TinyCore Linux within
VirtualBox but the boot time for this took about 45 minutes and I was
unable to reproduce this boot.

I guess my first question is this - does seL4 have the necessary
virtualization support for this module?  If so, how can I make this work


Thank You,

Chris Rothrock
Senior System Administrator
(315) 308-1637
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