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Tue Apr 18 17:55:34 CEST 2017

> >     Base-HW is unrelated to NOVA or any of the other kernels. It is a
> >     microkernel specifically developed for and tightly integrated with
> >     Genode. Think of it as an optional back end of Genode to run
> >     Genode-based systems directly on hardware (or virtual hardware like a
> >     Muen partition) without a third-party kernel.
> >
> >
> > By the way it seems fiasco.oc is not being maintained. Is something
> > better available, which supports both micrkernel based runtime and
> > virtualization..?
> At Genode Labs, we primarily focus on NOVA, base-hw, and seL4. All these
> kernels are third-generation modern microkernels [1]. For using Genode
> on x86 PC hardware, NOVA is the best way to go right now.
> Genode is also able to run on Fiasco.OC but we don't actively facilitate
> it. E.g., we dropped the support for L4Linux (Fiasco.OC-specific
> paravirtualized Linux) earlier this year [2].

What is the ARM alternative to Fiasco.OC? That is supporting micro-kernel
subjects as well as virtual machines.

Will it make sense if we (my team) supports Fiasco.OC if suitable
microkernel is not available for ARM?

In case of X86 Muen seems to be the best as I am interested in formal
verification like everyone else. Fiasco.OC is troublesome when it comes to
formal verification.

Shahbaz Khan
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