hello component doesn't run on foc_x86_32

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at ...1...
Wed Apr 5 11:42:47 CEST 2017

Hello John,

On Wed, Apr 05, 2017 at 11:06:31AM +0530, john stokes wrote:
> when i run the run script situated in lab for hello world then it runs fine
> on the linux_x86 but when i run it over foc_x86_32 then it shows this error
> :
> Error: No run script for hello
> make: *** [run/hello] Error 255
> although i have added the custom repository in the etc/build.conf file and
> i have also created the run script named hello.run in the lab/run directory
> the same thing is happening with the hello_tutorial component also.please
> provide solution thanks in advace.

I can't imagine what's wrong in you case. Maybe there's a typo in the
build.conf? What version of Genode are you using? The following works
for me.

  .../build/pbxa9> KERNEL=hw make run/hello
  Error: No run script for hello
  Makefile:307: recipe for target 'run/hello' failed
  make: *** [run/hello] Error 255

  .../build/pbxa9> echo 'REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/hello_tutorial' >> etc/build.conf

  .../build/pbxa9> KERNEL=hw make run/hello
  including /plain/krishna/src/genode/genode_staging.git/tool/run/power_on/qemu

Please make sure that you use the right pass to your custom repo by
using an _absolute path_ for testing.

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