tar archive and sd_card partition

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Mon Sep 26 22:56:35 CEST 2016


I have a libc program called my_test, and I want this program to access
files from both an archive (myarchive.tar) and an sd_card partition. For
this, I have tried to write a run script and run it, but no luck so far.
Part of the configuration is below. I would greatly appreciate if you could
help me on the configuration.

<start name="sd_card_drv">
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="20M"/>
    <provides><service name="Block"/></provides>
<start name="part_blk">
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="10M" />
    <provides><service name="Block" /></provides>
        <service name="Block"><child name="sd_card_drv" /></service>
        <policy label="my_test" partition="2"/>
<start name="my_test">
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="10M"/>
        <any-service> <child name="part_blk" /> <parent/> <any-child/>
            <libc stdout="/dev/log" stderr="/dev/log" >
                <dir name="dev"> <log/></dir>
                <tar name="myarchive.tar"/>

Thanks and best regards,
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