Secure Image Processing using Genode

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Fri Sep 23 16:06:41 CEST 2016

Hi Genode enthusiasts, I'm a portuguese researcher finishing my Computer
Science master degree.

I developed a TrustZone-based project using Genode and the i.MX53 QSB. I
have been accepted to the Workshop on Mobile and Cloud Security and Privacy
(WMCSP) 2016 which is hosted in collaboration with the Symposium on
Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS).

I'll leave the title and abstract of my work here.

Title: ARM TrustZone for Secure Image Processing on the Cloud

Abstract: Nowadays, offloading storage and processing capacity to cloud
servers is a growing trend. This happens because high storage capacity and
powerful processors are expensive, whilst cloud services provide a cheaper,
ongoing, and reliable solution. The problem with cloud-based solutions is
that servers are highly accessible through the Internet and therefore
considerably exposed to hackers and malware. In this paper, we design and
implement Darkroom, a secure image processing service for the cloud
leveraging ARM TrustZone technology. Our system enables users to securely
process image data in a secure environment that prevents exposure of
sensitive data to the operating system. We evaluate our system and observe
that our solution adds a small overhead to image processing when compared
to computer platforms that require the entire operating system to be

I'm going to present this project in Budapest at the Symposium 25th of
September 2016 and I though you might be interested in knowing more about
the project.

Best regards, Tiago Brito
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