Genode 16.08 nova.iso rebooting on real Core 2 Duo after relocating modules

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Sat Sep 24 01:21:33 CEST 2016

About not reading any info from the bootloader, since we(now even me)
use bender, this is bender
that ask info the boot loader, and I will not be surprised if it give
it to the nova hypervisor that knows how
to read the command line, the list of modules, and the memory map if
it is given to it.

But then again, the constructors is called before Hip::build (mbi); in
nova init, which reads command line.
So novga cannot have effect yet.

That said, if Console_VGA constructor needs to do new, it make sense
to me it should have read
the memory map before to not allocate reserved memory. Right?

So I am beginning to think that MAYBE we should call the UART
constructor before Hip::build,
and the VGA_Console after HIB::Build.

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