VirtualBox on Genode

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Fri Sep 9 18:15:03 CEST 2016


On 09.09.2016 17:38, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> I am working with Yevgeny on this part of the project and I am having the
> same issue.  I know that running it through the QEMU emulator probably
> won't work so I used the virtualbox.iso image and put it onto my bootable
> USB stick.  This is the same stick that I have the Genode demo with a Nova
> kernel running perfectly fine on, I have booted multiple machines with this
> demo image, however the virtualbox ISO image boots, but does not load the
> tinycore image properly - it hangs on booting to the VirtualBox machine in
> the Genode environment.

can you please provide/look at the serial output of the native machine,
in order to get an idea of what went wrong. Without it will be hard to tell.



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