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Fri Sep 2 00:04:15 CEST 2016


I'm currently trying to reproduce VertualBox with Tinycore Linux running on
top of NOVA hypervisor scenario on x86-64 hardware.

The steps I've taken so far are:
1) ./tool/ports/prepare_ports for nova and virtualbox
2) ./tool/create_builddir nova_x86_64
3) uncommented REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/libports line in
4) Downloaded Tinycore Linux .iso image

1) Where should I put Tinycore Linux .iso file? It says save it as
bin/test.iso in the similar thread "running VirtualBox on Genode" on Genode
mailing lists. Is it <Genode-dir>/build/nova_x86_64/bin directory that gets
created after executing make run/demo?
2) Where should I add  "<config><image type="iso"
file="/iso/test.iso"/></config>" ?
3) Where to execute make run/virtualbox? I assume it's my build directory.
However, executing it in my build directory results in Error: no run script
for virtualbox.

Please advise
Thank you
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