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Tue Oct 4 20:04:13 CEST 2016


I wrote a simple run script 'manytimer', based on 'timer':
When the number of components exceeds 19, I get a "Quota exceeded!" 
warning. It seems that it doesn't matter if I use timer or other 
components. It also doesn't matter how much RAM quota I configure per 

- Is this behaviour intended?

- Whose quota exceeds (init, core, ...)?

- Can I resolve the warning by increasing its quota?

- In a scenario with 19 or more components (within one init), is it 
still possible to "assign all remaining resources to the last child by 
simply specifying an overly large quantum" as described in "Genode 
16.05 Foundations" (see Chapter 6.2.2 "Resource quota saturation"). Or 
would there be no more slack memory available for init and core 

Thanks, Roman
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