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Mon Oct 3 10:35:43 CEST 2016

Hello Martijn,

* Martijn Verschoor <verschoor at ...434...> [2016-09-30 14:09:04 +0200]:
> I’m trying to setup the wifi driver in Turmvilla like scenario’s but
> with little success. The driver spits out a fair amount of warnings
> and errors which obfuscates my view of what could be the main issue;
> thus I would like to reach out for help.
> A log of the turmvilla scenario
> ( running on a
> Lenovo x201 is attached. I get very similar results on x250’s.
> Can anyone point out to me what might be the problem?

The important piece of information in your LOG output is this line:

  [init -> wifi_drv] dev_error: Invalid 11n configuration

When your 6200 ABG card is initialized it indicates that it supports the
11n mode but judging by looking into Linux driver it is not supposed to
be configured this way. I vaguely remember that Norman has the same
problem with his 6200 ABG card. The “quick-fix” is to forcefully disable
11n support (see the attached patch).


Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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