[genode-main] network implementation example (for Parallella Board)

Rank Jerome jerome.rank at ...247...
Sun May 15 18:45:04 CEST 2016


I am a beginner in operating system level programming and a novice in 
the use of Genode OS.

I use Genode OS Framework 15.11 from the sourceforge download.
I have carried out successfully the hello world introduction from the 
15.05 manual (Chapter 2.5) and the hello tutorial from the homepage, 
but now I am stuck.

Scenario: I have a (non-genode) server (runs in another terminal) 
which sents UDP packets.
These UDP packets I would like to register within my program at Genode 
OS (hw_zync) on a qemu-emulated Parallella Board.

For the Parallella Board the Genodes so called base-hw platform is to 
be used.

I already know that there are network drivers within dde_ipxe and that 
within the repository "os" under "net" and "nic" exists header files 
(e.g ethernet.h, udp.h). Furthermore, I know that I need to include 
the IP address within the run files somehow.
I also can not find (not even with "find") the file <lwip/sockets.h>, 
which is referrenced in some files (like ).

I do not know how I can achieve my implementation using this found 
information. How can I access the network interface of Parallella 
Board? How do I register UDP packets for further processing?

Has anyone in this regard already functioning implementation examples 
which help me understand my desired realization.

with regards,

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