Questions about the Nic_bridge and VirtualBox bug

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Fri May 13 18:19:23 CEST 2016


I've been experimenting with the nic_bridge a bit, and I came upon several
First, when trying to connect a Linux VM through the bridge, it failed to
obtain a IP from the DHCP server. I invistigated a little : the Discover
packet get through, but the Offer is never transmitted to the client. The
config shouldn't be the problem, considering the network worked fine with
static IPs. I'm not sure if it is the origin of the issue, but the handling
of the offer packet in failed to parse the DHCP options (by adding
debug prints in the option() function in dhcp.h, I saw that it got the
first one right with the correct length 4, but then jumped 6 octet instead
for the next option code).

I was also wondering if it would be possible to use several bridges in
cascade. If I understand correctly, each Nic session opened on the bridge
has an assigned mac address, but would it be feasible to use a single
session for a sort of subnetwork?

Finally, the recent commits on master (between the 04-11 and the 04-25)
have broken my vbox scenario : virtual box refuses to access
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