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Tue Mar 29 22:45:39 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

I'd like to be able to write servers and clients for Genode in Golang. I
believe this is currently possible only through gccgo (as I see go is
supported by Genode tool-chain) but I'd like to be able to use the native
compiler and all of its standard library.

I don't think this would be a hard task albeit a bit more involved.
First I'd need to port and build an older Golang tool-chain (version 1.3 or
1.4, not sure which of the two is the latest possible) and then bootstrap a
newer one. Does this sound about right?

What my questions/concerns are:

1. Has there been any previous work done on this or in this direction?
2. Is there any reason why Golang wouldn't be a good choice as a language
on top of Genode? Although this seems to me as a very intuitive combination
perhaps there are concept/security issues I might have overlooked.
3. Is there any work work being done or work that has been planned already
to be done on Genode which could influence the Golang port and it's
standard library? I've gone through the Road Map and several things popped
out to me which might have some influence like cross-kernel binary
compatibility and work to be done on networking stack.
4. Would adding Golang programs into the mix be an issue for the build
system? The Genode build system is such a powerful feature and I'd like to
think it will be easy and quite natural to integrate it with Golang's build
system too, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'd be very grateful if I could hear your thoughts and pick your brains
before I start. Any suggestions and comments are very welcome.

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