Memory protection clarification.

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Tue Mar 29 18:53:47 CEST 2016

Hi Daniel,

thanks for taking the time for further investigation and for the nice
words about the book. :-)

> One thing though that is not clear to me, is that if a child dies and is
> not cleanly destroyed, do the resources get lost?

A child is destroyed by the parent by closing all open sessions of the
child in the reverse order of the session creation. At the very end, the
parent closes the child's RAM session, which has the effect of
transferring the child's remaining RAM quota to the registered reference
account (which is usually the parent's RAM session). In other words:
Regardless of how the child behaves, the parent is always able to regain
the resources by closing the child's sessions and transferring the
session quotas to itself.

Does that answer you question?


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