Does Genode support for 64-bit ARM processor?

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Thu Mar 10 14:08:57 CET 2016


On 04.03.2016 20:21, Peter Lindener wrote:
> Genode on ARMv8_64 sound like it will be a good thing, when it ends up
> happening...

> ... [Would Rump kernels help here?] ...

porting Genode to a new CPU architecture requires work on the following
areas, which are unrelated to our use of Rump kernels:

- Tool-chain support (enabling the new architecture in Genode's GCC-
  based tool chain)
- Architecture-specific assembly startup code
- Port of the base-hw kernel (or enabling another kernel's support for
  for the architecure), which implies among other things the platform
  bootstrapping, MMU driver, page-table definitions, cache and TLB
  handling, timer driver, IRQ controller driver, system-call bindings,
  and the code paths for entering and exiting the kernel mode.
- Extending the dynamic linker with the support for the architecture-
  specific parts of the ELF binary (e.g., architecture-specific
  relocations, constructors and destructors)
- Extending our (FreeBSD-based) C runtime with architecture-specific
  back-end code

This is just a very high-level view. To get a more concrete idea about
the construction sites, it is instructive to look at the
architecture-specific code of an already supported architecture, e.g.,

  cd genode/repos
  find base base-hw os libports | grep x86_64


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