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Thu Mar 10 12:52:40 CET 2016

Hi Robert,

On 03/09/2016 02:58 PM, Robert Behar wrote:
> I'm interested in using genode over sel4 and have been having difficulties
> with building and running the demo scenario

The demo scenario cannot be executed on top of sel4 yet. In our recent
release notes (16.02), where the upgrade to sel4 version 2.1 gets
described, you can find the following paragraph at the end:

"Functionality-wise the update to version 2.1 brings no changes. The
preliminary support is still limited to Genode's most fundamental
mechanisms like the bootstrapping, the creation of protection domains,
the execution of threads, and inter-component communication. User-level
device drivers are not supported yet. Such functional improvements are
scheduled for Genode 16.08."

Due to the lack of user-level device driver support until now, you
cannot start the demo scenario.

> I am running ubuntu 15 over virtual box
> first I pulled the full main branch from the repository.
> I then compiled the tool chain for x86 by running
> ./tool/tool_chain x86
> then i created a build directory like so
> ./tool/create_builddir sel4_x86_32 BUILD_DIR=build.sel4
> so far success.
> then I wanted to prepare the ./repos/base-sel4 directory with a
> make -C ./repos/base-sel4 prepare
> but alas no Makefile was there!
> after digging a bit and reading through ./repos/base-nove/Makefile I
> decided to run
> ./tool/ports/prepare_port sel4

That is completely right! Doing 'make prepare' is deprecated since
before the initial port of Genode to sel4. Please use the "prepare_port"
tool for all 3rd party software preparation in Genode's source tree.


> which worked. now with sel4 prepared i went back to trying to run
> make -C ./build.sel4 run/demo
> this failed it said it was missing a timer component!
> I suspect this has something to do with
> ./repos/os/src/drivers/timer/spec
> not having a folder for sel4.
> am I missing something?
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