running demo scenario over sel4

Robert Behar robertbeharnator at ...9...
Wed Mar 9 14:58:25 CET 2016

I'm interested in using genode over sel4 and have been having difficulties
with building and running the demo scenario

I am running ubuntu 15 over virtual box

first I pulled the full main branch from the repository.

I then compiled the tool chain for x86 by running
./tool/tool_chain x86

then i created a build directory like so
./tool/create_builddir sel4_x86_32 BUILD_DIR=build.sel4

so far success.

then I wanted to prepare the ./repos/base-sel4 directory with a
make -C ./repos/base-sel4 prepare

but alas no Makefile was there!

after digging a bit and reading through ./repos/base-nove/Makefile I
decided to run
./tool/ports/prepare_port sel4

which worked. now with sel4 prepared i went back to trying to run
make -C ./build.sel4 run/demo

this failed it said it was missing a timer component!
I suspect this has something to do with
not having a folder for sel4.

am I missing something?
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