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Wed Mar 9 07:15:45 CET 2016


Sorry about the lack of details.

It is possible that it's just too fast. I'm simply having difficulties clicking on anything because the mouse pointer moves around so quickly. 

I'm running genode with qemu on Ubuntu on macbookpro via parallels. 

It is a usb trackball which works fine on Ubuntu and OS X.

Kind regards
Bent Bracke

> On 7. mar. 2016, at 17.14, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...> wrote:
> Hello Bent,
>> In all the examples that come with Genode, the mouse pointer moves at
>> what seems like an erratic speed.
>> Is this a driver issue or something else?
> I am afraid that your question is too unspecific to give you a good
> answer. Do you observe the erratic behavior on different machines and
> with different mouses? Are you referring to a PS/2 mouse (with the PS/2
> driver) or a USB HID mouse (with the USB driver)? Or are you using a USB
> mouse with the PS/2 driver? In the latter case, the BIOS provides some
> rudimentary PS/2 emulation. It is really hard to diagnose the problem
> remotely.
> That said, our PS/2 driver is indeed rather simple. It resets the mouse
> but does not attempt to set any specific parameters with respect to
> mouse speed or acceleration. You can have a look at
> repos/os/src/drivers/input/ps2/ to investigate.
> If you observe the problem with the USB HID driver, this would surprise
> me because we are actually using the Linux USB driver on Genode. So the
> mouse should work just as well as on Linux.
> Cheers
> Norman
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