Does Genode support for 64-bit ARM processor?

Stefan Kalkowski stefan.kalkowski at ...1...
Fri Mar 4 11:11:27 CET 2016


On 03/01/2016 02:17 PM, li94575 wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can the new  ARM Cortex-A53 processor with ARM v8 architecture run on Genode+Fiasco.OC?

no, currently it does not. We have no ARMv8 platform enabled yet,
although I really would like to do so, other things are prioritized
higher right now.

I think making the user-land components ARMv8 ready would not be an
issue, but enabling our base-hw kernel for an ARMv8 platform will be
more time-consuming (funding this would help a lot ;-)). With respect to
Fiasco.OC: as you might know, we do not use the latest version of it,
but an older one. Actually we concentrate more to enrich our base-hw
kernel than updating Fiasco.OC. AFAIK, the current open-source version
of Fiasco.OC does not provide ARMv8 support.

> Thank you.
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