Checkpointing dataspaces in core

Denis Huber huber.denis at ...435...
Fri Jul 29 12:15:03 CEST 2016

Dear Genode community,

I want to implement a new service (class Cr_session) residing in core 
which provides an Rpc method to checkpoint the state of a specific 
component (given its label string). I am using Genode 16.05 and the foc 
kernel (pbxa9 build). The first step is to store the content of the 
address space of the compoent. My approach is the following:

1) First a test component is created which shall be checkpointed. The 
component counts an integer every second.

In base/src/test/cr_service/counter/ (newly created file):
!void Component::construct(Genode::Env &env)
!    unsigned int n = 0;
!    Timer::Connection timer(env);
!    while(1)
!    {
!        Genode::log(n);
!        n++;
!        timer.msleep(1000);
!    }

2) To realize the CR service in core, I want to find the specific PD 
session of the test component. Therefore a separate Sliced_heap 
exclusively for Pd_session_component objects is created in core's main 

In base/src/core/
!static Sliced_heap pd_sliced_heap(env()->ram_session(), 
!static Pd_root pd_root(e, e, pager_ep, &pd_sliced_heap);

2) The CR service is registered and the special Sliced_heap is passed to 
the Root_component<Cr_session_component> object.

In base/src/core/
!static Cr_root cr_root(e, &sliced_heap, &pd_sliced_heap);
!static Local_service ls[] = {
!    Local_service(Cr_session::service_name(), &cr_root),

3) In the implementation of the checkpoint method the Sliced_heap 
(stored in _alloced_pds) is searched for a Pd_session_component with a 
specific label string. The class implementing the Cr service 
(Genode::Cr_session_component : Rpc_object<Cr_session>) is a friend 
class in Sliced_heap and is allowed to access the _blocks member 
variable containing the Pd_session_component objects.

In base/src/core/include/cr_session_component.h (newly created file):
!bool checkpoint(String<64> label)
!    Pd_session_component *pd = nullptr;
!    bool found = false;
!    Sliced_heap::Block *b = _alloced_pds->_blocks.first();
!    for(; (b != 0) && !found; b = b->next())
!    {
!        pd = reinterpret_cast<Pd_session_component*>(b + 1);
!        if(label == pd->_label.string) found = true;
!    }

4) The Pd_session_component object is known and now it shall be used to 
access the test component's address space content. To retrieve the 
content I want to attach the Dataspace of the component's Region_map to 
core's Region_map.

In base/src/core/include/cr_session_component.h (newly created file):
!    Capability<Region_map> rm_cap = pd->address_space();
!    Region_map_client rm_client(rm_cap);
!    void* addr = core_env()->rm_session()->attach(rm_client.dataspace());
!    return true;

5) After invoking rm_client.dataspace() the Rpc method never returns and 
the test scenario times out.

What am I doing wrong? I compared the source code of other core services 
with the CR service and found no usage of classes derived from 
Rpc_client belonging to other core services. Is it not possible to use 
Rpc methods in core?

I tested another solution where I only use Rpc_objects directly. I used 
pd_session_component::address_space_region_map() to access the 
address_space directly, where I think to find the memory content of the 
test component (Please correct me, if I am wrong).
The following listing replaces the listing in step 4.

In base/src/core/include/cr_session_component.h (newly created file):
!    Dataspace_capability ds_cap = 
!    char* addr = core_env()->rm_session()->attach(ds_cap);
!    log("Attaching dataspace: Returned pointer: ", addr);
!    Dataspace_component *ds_comp = 
!    log("Reading dataspace component");
!    log("phys_addr = ", ds_comp->phys_addr(), " size = ", 
ds_comp->size(), " writable = ", ds_comp->writable() ? "true" : "false");

The output of the log function was the following:
Attaching dataspace: Returned pointer: 0x00000000
Reading dataspace component
phys_addr = 0 size = 3221221376 writable = false

Now I got a null pointer and cannot read the content of the Region_map 
of the test component.

Can someone help me to answer the following questions:
* Can I use Capability invokation in core, where the Rpc_object belongs 
to another core service? If yes, how? Perhaps, my problem is the correct 
retrieval of the Pd_session_component, thus I can invalid Capabilities.
* Why do I get an invalid pointer from the attach method of core's 
Region_map? Is it not allowed to attach dataspaces in core? Are they 
already attached in core, and I only need the pointer to the memory? Is 
the Dataspace_capability invalid?

Kind regards

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