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Wed Jul 27 09:09:22 CEST 2016

Hello Parfait,

On 07/26/2016 01:07 PM, Parfait Tokponnon wrote:
> Hello everybody;
> I has been fed up with restarting my computer after every compilation
> so, I have decided to try running the Heeselicht scenarion on qemu
> (not very wise but just to speed the development process).
> But I got some errors concerning  acpi table parsing, resulting in the
> intel framebuffer not well detected.
> So because I am very poor in qemu mastering, may someone tell me
> whether it would take a lot of work to port the heeselicht scenario on
> qemu? Or join me on doing this?
> Any help is welcome (Here is the log file for those who are interested)

I can understand that rebooting after every change is frustrating, but
at least if you do not touch components that are started during the
first boot stage, it is enough to copy them to the USB stick (e.g. from
the guest OS via shared folders). Everything that is started dynamically
by the cli_monitor is read on demand from the USB sticks filesystem.

Anyway, trying to run the Heeselicht scenario within QEMU in my eye
indeed is not recommendable. All the driver configuration is different
(no WIFI, other graphics card), using hardware-assisted virtualization
within QEMU is *slow* and not actively used by us - with other words not
tested. In the end you have to change different drivers within your
configuration, with the result of a different setup. So you won't test
whast is not working on your hardware, but what is not working in tour
QEMU setup ;-).

Best regards

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