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Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Tue Jul 19 10:25:22 CEST 2016

Hello Quin,

* Quin <scnypdmax at ...437...> [2016-07-19 09:39:28 +0800]:
> I am following genode 16.05 tutorials on ubuntu 16.04 lts. I
> set up my tests according to chapter 2.5 in corresponding manual
> (16.05) and http://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/client_server_tutorial.
> However when I tried to compile the apps, I got errors saying
> "base/component.h" and "base/log.h" were not found. I searched the
> sub-directories of genode project and had no luck. After digging I
> thought I could use base/printf.h instead of log.h. But what is the
> alternative of base/component.h?

Please check if you are working with version 16.05 and not by any chance
with the sources of an older release. If you are indeed using 16.05 than
your sources seem to be incomplete and I recommend that you do a clean
git checkout or extract the archive afresh.


Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs

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