Using dataspaces and allocators

Denis Huber huber.denis at ...435...
Thu Jul 7 11:39:53 CEST 2016

Hello Genode-main readers,

I am a quite new Genode user and I have a problem of how to use 
dataspaces. I understand that a dataspace represents a contiguous 
physical memory space. And that every component can use it, if it has a 
capability to it (by attaching it to its RM session).

But, (1) how is a dataspace typically populated with data and (2) how 
can a component typically read the data?

A further, related question is, (3) what is an allocator, and (4) what 
is the difference between an allocator and a dataspace? (5) How is an 
allocator (e.g. in the form of a sliced_heap or heap) typically used in C++?

I would be happy about some code snippets or further links, which can 
answer my questions. I would be satisfied, if someone can answer 
question (1) and (2) :)

Kind regards

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