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Wed Jul 6 08:22:58 CEST 2016

Hello John,

On 05.07.2016 17:47, john stokes wrote:
> in my opinion the system-ginger.img image is not being loading so please
> provide me a way resolve this

that is plausible. Your run script attaches the system-ginger.img as
harddisk to Qemu (via the -hda argument) but your scenario lacks a
harddisk driver. To let L4Android access the image as virtual harddisk,
you may use the ahci_drv as block-device driver. Take a look at
os/run/ahci_blk.run as reference. The old IDE driver that we used in the
original run script does not exist anymore. Note that the AHCI driver
accesses a virtual SATA disk, not an IDE disk as in your run script. You
will need to adjust the Qemu arguments accordingly. As intermediate
step, I would create a simple run script that uses the AHCI driver to
access your system-ginger.img image but does nothing else. I.e., you
will also need to integrate and configure the platform driver to assign
the AHCI controller to the AHCI driver.

Once you have validated that the AHCI driver is doing the right thing,
you can route the "Block" session of L4Android to the driver. Note that
you will need to adjust the driver's config (define a <policy>) to hand
out the correct device to L4Android.

Good luck!

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