l4android hangs up

john stokes jstokes95.john at ...9...
Tue Jul 5 17:47:53 CEST 2016

thanks for helping me , actually i followed your advice and i created a run
script from the basic.
but after running it in qemu  two penguins appear then
a long lines of message are shown in which last two lines are
"init:critical process 'ueventd' exited 4 times in 4 minutes : rebooting
into recovery mode"
"restarting system with command recovery"
and my new l4android.run is attached here

in my opinion the system-ginger.img image is not being loading so please
provide me a way resolve this

On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 8:48 PM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi John,
> we removed this run script from the Genode tree two years ago because we
> did not use L4Android for a long time even prior to that date. So I am
> afraid that you are walking on untested grounds now. Anyway, the error
> messages may guide you a bit further:
> > [init -> l4android] Booting L4Linux ...
> > Insufficient quota for transfer: init -> part_blk
> >   have 1540096, need 4206592
> In the run script, part_blk is equipped with too little RAM. Today, we
> let part_blk allocate a much larger communication buffer. You may try to
> increase its quota to 6 MiB.
> > [init] nitpicker: invalid route to non-existing server "fb_drv"
> ...
> > [init -> nitpicker] Uncaught exception of type
> > 'Genode::Parent::Service_denied'
> The run script lacks a proper framebuffer driver. The corresponding
> 'fb_drv' start entry refers to a binary called "omap4_fb_drv", which
> obviously does not exist on x86 (it is a driver for the Pandaboard). I
> recommend you to use the VESA driver - this is the one used by the
> demo.run script.
> > [init] nic_bridge: invalid route to non-existing server "usb_block_drv"
> This message hints at a configuration error. Actually two errors. First,
> you route session requests issued by the nic_bridge to (presumably) some
> kind of block driver. The nic_bridge tries to open a "Nic" session for
> the uplink. Normally, this is provided by a NIC driver, not a block
> driver. Second, the "usb_block_drv" component actually does not exist.
> You named the USB driver "usb_bkock_drv".
> To me, this looks like you took a very old run script, modified it at
> various places without a good understanding about the interplay of the
> involved components, and expect to make it work on the current version
> of Genode. I'm afraid that this approach will yield frustration on your
> side.
> Let me instead recommend you to build a new scenario and develop a
> profound understanding of its architecture. Start simple (like a
> scenario that uses only a few basic drivers needed to run the nitpicker
> GUI server and a GUI client), then add components one step after the
> other. Learn about the individual components you found in the l4android
> run script (like the role of nit_fb). When adding the individual
> components, take a look at their accompanying "README" and the example
> run scripts provided.
> Cheers
> Norman
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