Genode/Linux USB Application

Daniel Krefft daniel.krefft at ...256...
Tue Jul 5 16:47:14 CEST 2016


I wrote an Genode application for the Pololu Maestro Mini Servo
Controller in Genode

I'm using the usb_drv (dde_linux) and the usb_terminal (pl2303) for read
and write commands. It runs flawlessly on PandaBoard (foc_panda).

Next, I want to use it with Linux as kernel (linux_x86). If I try to run
the resulting application, the usb_drv component throws the following error:

> no route to service "Platform"

So, is it possible to compile and run the intended application without

If I want to use the linux devices (e.g. usb), who can I achieve this in

In general, the following shows the intended architecture:

ServoController     |
Genode              |
Linux               |
Hardware 	    |

Best regards

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