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Wed Jan 13 16:03:41 CET 2016

Hi Reto,

thank you for this very valuable input!

> * Distributed Genode
> ...
> The proxy concept uses two components: a server and a client. Both of
> them implement a specific Genode service interface and communicate using
> a Virual Hardware (VHW) abstraction layer to create a bridge between the
> separated components. The following diagram illustrates the concept for
> the Log service:
> log() -> Proxy:Client -> | VHW | -> Proxy:Server -> Log_Server

The discussed approach for a "distributed Genode" system is actually
appealing in several different contexts in addition to Muen, for example:

* Letting Genode components on a host machine interact with Genode
  components running on the USB Armory.

* Transparently move individual components of a Genode system to a cloud
  service provider.

* By running Genode on RISC-V-based FPGA softcores, a Genode system
  could be distributed over several softcores, thereby enforcing
  stronger (because hardware-based) isolation between components
  than a microkernel could.

Those examples could even be combined, which would open up completely
new scenarios.

> For Muen, we will implement the VHW functionality using shared memory
> channels and events.

That sounds very good. I look forward to the outcome of this line of work.

> * Support for Ada
> * Investigate Intel GVT on Genode

I find both ideas intriguing. I won't mention them on the road map, but
maybe we are lucky and still find some time to investigate them a bit. :-)


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