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Fri Jan 1 15:42:32 CET 2016

On 12/27/15 21:51, Guido Witmond wrote:

> So more like a Request of Death.

It had! See:

> "The http_request_split_value function in request.c in lighttpd before
> 1.4.32 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite
> loop) via a request with a header containing an empty token, as
> demonstrated using the "Connection: TE,,Keep-Alive" header. "

I don't have any packet captures to prove I got hit by those, but
anyway, I've upgraded to lighttpd 1.4.38. Which is here:

However, I still experience the hangs. :-(

Could it have to do with the remark by ChristianH: [1] "This hints we
may have an issue with our file descriptor handling on poll/select."

I have reasons to believe the system is busy waiting instead of polling.
The power usage monitor shows a constant 56.8 Watts when running
Fiasco.OC with lightttpd and a mere 43.6 when running linux. A cpuburn
at one cpu reaches just 1 watt less than Genode.

Is this polling to be expected from Fiasco.OC with debug mode enabled?
Is Genode smart enough to prevent busy loops or is it worth
investigation as a cause for the hangs?

Cheers, Guido.


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