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Fri Dec 23 09:17:09 CET 2016

Hi Ben,

> I would like to see Genode being compiled on Genode. I know that a run
> script exists for that, but it doesn't really work, especially given
> Genode's (build) dependence on tools that haven't been ported yet (e.g.
> expect, tclsh, autotools). Once all of Genode, including the ports of
> 3rd-party software, will build properly on Genode, testing and debugging
> will be faster and easier.

this topic fits nicely into my ambition to stress Genode. I agree that
hosting the entire build infrastructure and implementing the development
workflow directly on Genode sounds intriguing.

The key to achieve that is to get noux up to speed, and to revisit some
of its inner workings. I have some ideas in this respect that I'd like
to try out. But before it is worthwhile to start with that, we should
address a few limitations of its underpinnings, in particular the VFS.

Another day-to-day scenario that is much easier to realize - compared to
the full development worklow - would be a multi-component email
application where multiple noux instances are used for dedicated tasks
like fetching email, browsing local folders, composing an email, or
sending email. Each noux instance could be tailored to its purpose.
E.g., the one for browsing the local folders wouldn't have network
access. So emails stored locally cannot leak to the network. This
scenario is less demanding than the development scenario and would
possibly reach more users. So we might better first go for this one?


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