Pulsar PXE boot?

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Wed Dec 7 11:37:02 CET 2016


On 04.12.2016 15:15, g4 at ...461... wrote:
> I'm trying to get the NOVA/lighttpd scenario booting off real hardware as
> the VM solutions are not applicable in my potential use cases. 
> PXE is generally painless but using Pulsar on both an Intel i5 NUC and an
> N3150 (Quad Celeron) the boot process gets this far:
> https://novadsp.com/images/genode/pulsar-boot.jpg
> and then falls silent. Does anyone recognize the issue?

No, works fine for us on several machines without issues. If you can get
to load the files manually via a tftp-client than it should work.

If you're using the Genode/run tool to generate your scenarios, you may
have, depending on your tftp server, to instruct the Genode run tool to
generate config-* files with absolute paths instead of relative (see
tool/run/load/tftp for your options).

> Is the Pulsar source code available?

No, unfortunately.

Alternatively you may try iPXE, see




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