Pulsar PXE boot?

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Sun Dec 4 15:15:06 CET 2016



I'm trying to get the NOVA/lighttpd scenario booting off real hardware as
the VM solutions are not applicable in my potential use cases. 


PXE is generally painless but using Pulsar on both an Intel i5 NUC and an
N3150 (Quad Celeron) the boot process gets this far:




and then falls silent. Does anyone recognize the issue? Is the Pulsar source
code available?


DD'ing the lighttpd .iso image to a USB drive is odd too. On both machines I
get dumped into the grub shell. I note that it's a very old version (0.97?)
Is there any reason for this? 


Please bear with me whilst I get all of the Genode basics worked out here!






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