solved: no GRUB boot with NOVA

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Sun Dec 4 19:41:17 CET 2016

Hello Norman

> great!

Indeed. I have nearly got the services I want to run. More questions to
follow :)

> The ISO image should also work. We use this method regularly and rarely
> have any issues. Maybe something went wrong with dumping the ISO image
> to the USB device? 

Yes, I am pretty familiar with the spells required here which is why I am so
keen on PXE booting. 

FWIW, from 'history' here's the stanza:

2176  lsblk
2177  sudo dd if=build.nova/var/run/lighttpd.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M 
2178  sync
2179  sudo eject /dev/sdb

> You may use a PC-card with a comport

The N3150 board has an old skool RS232 header on it. Very handy. 

> Alternatively, Intel AMT's SOL (serial-over-line) is quite handy. The
latter is
> supported by Genode's run tool. You may find Section 5.4.
> "System integration and automated testing" of the documentation [1]
> helpful for using this approach, in particular the example given at page

Thanks. I must find out more about this..



P.S. Once I've managed to assemble the topology I need I will push a PR to
Github (if that is the best means of getting another demo/tutorial into the

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